As I said in the other post my sister does not want to be at my birth. She just does not want to be in the room. She wants to stay home. I was a little hurt but I understand, kinda. I mean I would want to be at anyone of my friend or families birth. That is a permissible circumstance to take off of work too. All tho my sister seems to think that they would not let her take off of work. None the less we only have one car, and it is going to be taking me to the hospital. So regardless she will not be going to work... if she has work, Unless she can get a ride. Now I was okay with this. My family is a little different. We are more relaxed when it comes to things like this. However when I mentioned it to my DH and he was instantly furious. He said he could understand her not wanting to be in the room, but not at the hospital at all was unacceptable. With his first child everyone went. His boss even went. He had to come home a movie shoot to be there. All of his friends were there and even his roommate who hates hospitals with a passion (and did not tell anyone until well after, as to not hurt anyone's feelings) was there. I started to think about this and it did bother me and hurt my feelings more. I mean She is my only real family outside of DH living here. We have friends that I consider like family here... but that is not really the same. This is my first and we tried for 5 years to get here. And she would rather stay home and play video games, her words. I did not tell DH that because I knew that would make him mad. But I do get that she will just be sitting around for god knows how long for the baby to come. So I kinda get that will be boring in a way. But at the same time... I couldn't imagine not being there if any of my siblings were having a baby.

So how do I deal with this? How do you all feel about people just being at the hospital? Is it normal to expect family to be there waiting for a first? My DH said if she is not there he will be so mad with her she will not be able to live with us anymore. They already butt heads on several things. I am going to talk with her about it today... but I don't want to upset her.