I'll likely wait as long as possible (announced at 18wks last time). My mom, cousin, and bestie know for now and I have you ladies so I don't feel crazy antsy to announce yet . I mostly just want to wait a bit longer before telling my younger kiddos, pg is long for *me*, lol, it must seem like an eternity to them (Thanksgiving is a looong ways away) .

We used to announce right after finding out, but after several losses, we started waiting since it was too painful to have to tell people, especially if they hadn't heard and asked how the pg was going which caught me off-guard and ended up awkward for them .

It might be tough keeping it a secret though...I'll be 10wks at Easter, 13wks on Mother's Day, 17wks at dd's open house, and 21wks by the 4th of July...and I reeeeeally want to wait until the 4th of July to announce...haha, we'll see how realistic that ends up being .

So where is everyone esle at with announcing?