I had a thread a while back about being nervous to tell my STC sister that I was pregnant. Well that went pretty well. But the other day she called me..AND YEP SHE IS PREGNANT HERSELF!!!!! I am soooooo happy. She is just under 5 weeks they believe. Her first appointment is next week. She will be 6 Weeks and they will probably try to do an ultrasound. I am happy and nervous for her at the same time. I hope that everything works out for her. Her due date I believe is around 11/28...Just a few weeks after me. She is excited we'll both have baby bumps in the summer together. I'm already looking at having her shower in our clubhouse overlooking the lake beginning of october (it's far enough from my due date that I can still host it). I'm so excited!!! Praying that this is a sticky for her.