So I had an appointment this morning with my baby doctor. In this office he is the only OB. When I started going to him (based on several recommendations) I thought that I would like having the same person each time. However, I have never had a "connection" with him or the office. I thought that I could get past that as long as the baby's (and my) health was fine and everything went well.

Today, I don't know if it's just hormones or what, but I am thinking of switching doctors. I'm almost 26 weeks. How does everyone feel about switching doctors this late in the pregnancy?

Okay, my issues... today it was about time. I had an appointment at 10:40. I got there (via 45 min bus ride) at 10:10. I sat in the lobby until 11:00 and didn't see the doctor until 11:37. That was nearly AN HOUR after my appointment time. And I spent a grand total of FIVE mins talking to him! During which time he said he wanted to send me for another 1 hour sugar test because they first one was done "kind of early"... YOU were the one that sent me to get it done! You know how far along I am/was.... if it was "kind of early" then why not just have me wait?? I'm not having a problem with the testing, that's fine. I have a problem with the redundancy of my visits. EVERY visit I have had with him, with the exception of ONE, he has asked about my previous pregnancy and 'what happened'? Please, for the love of my emotions READ YOUR NOTES. I hate trying to be positive with this baby and him continually asking about my "fetal demise". I realize you are a doctor and are being clinical, but I as someone emotional attached to that "fetus", hate hearing that! Furthermore, on my last visit he said that "due to the fetal demise, we're going to want to start seeing you every day" Um... WHAT?! I know around this time we bump up the visits but I'm not coming up here EVERY-DAY because "we" don't know what happened! "We" DO know what happened! and when I told him for the um-tenth time that it was an umbilical cord issue, he said "Oh, well, since we know what happened, nevermind" Are you Effing kidding me?! **Ladies, please... IF I am over-reacting to this please set me straight!** Also, even if I hadn't known... what does me coming everyday do? You aren't giving me another ultrasound until I'm 35 weeks. So.... what?!

I really wish I was able to stay with my doctors from my previous pregnancy but because of all that happened their office considers me high risk and they don't take high risk patients.

I really don't know what to do. I hate the idea of bouncing around to more doctors (at which case I have to go over everything all over again - but hopefully only once) and I also feel like I am just having one of those days where the wind blowing the wrong direction will put me in a cranky mood. Then again, if I am having 'one of those days' every time I go to the dr office then that should answer my question, no?

Ok, so lay it on me... am I over reacting or should I switch? and has anyone else switched doctors at this stage before?

Thank you for listening to me vent too... <3

Oh... and he never asks me if I have questions.. so it's up to me and my "great prego memory" to remember 1) THAT I have a question and 2) what it actually is. I always leave the office remembering something I forgot to ask. And I never get call backs when I do call the office with questions later.