And apparently she isn't feminine enough to go this school.

As a mom it just sucks to hear about these things when it comes to private school it seems like you are darned if you do darned if you don't.
Private school are typically extremely expensive and some around here are the same or worst than college sure, you might be able to get some sort of a voucher but, then every child has to be just so and if they are not they are out. Its like these private schools don't allow for children to have creativity to be themselves if she was a great student who gives a #### about her hair? Who cares if she is a tomboy? Why didn't the school say anything before she started? Though this school is Baptist I know a Catholic nun short hair and plain clothes she doesn't wearthe lack of better term classic black head to toe outfit. Many other Catholics for Habitat women were not all feminine but, that does not mean they are less than. Its just a cruel world for kids and adults sometimes.