I am sure I will hear this for the rest of my life and I am already tired of it.....

Whenever people see I have 3 girls I get all sorts of rude comments:

"Oh man you are in trouble!" (not really even sure what that is supposed to mean)

"Good luck when they are teenagers!"

"I feel sorry for your husband" or "I feel sorry for you" (HIGHLY offensive!)

"Better start saving for the weddings now" (We save for COLLEGE not weddings thankyouverymuch)

"I'm so glad I have boys" (also quite offensive imo)


I find it offensive and I am starting to get angry about it. Sometimes these things are said in front of the kids and I feel so sorry for them. DD2 has asked me 2 times if I like having 3 kids. I have a feeling it's because she hears these things about 3 kids and/or 3 girls and doesn't understand what these people are saying.

Anyone have some good comebacks I could use? I am not really a "3 times the blessings/love" type person so comebacks along those lines would not really be my style. I am more of a sarcastic person but I don't want to appear angry, negative or defensive (even though some of those comments are RUDE). If someone says something very rude I have no problem defending us but really I need something for grocery store people and passing comments....

The 'good luck during the teen years' is VERY common so I would love something good for that one.