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Thread: Thrush and yeast diaper rash

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    I am pretty sure little guy and I have thrush (21 months, nursing three times a day, all of a sudden I feel like my nipps are about to fall off). He also has a killer diaper rash that now has typical bubbles and not going away. All that has been happening recently in the last few days. I have been horrible at giving him probiotics lately. I will obviously start again but is there anything else i can do?? Thanks!!

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    When I had thrush, it was awful, intense, burning, shooting pain with latch until the milk letdown and then whenever anything touched my nipples. I needed Diflucan (prescription) to clear my infection but it was systemic very quickly for me. My LO needed Nystatin Oral Suspension to clear the thrush and when she had a yeast diaper rash she also need Nystatin ointment. I can't really help you with over the counter treatment since none of it worked for me, my LO or I couldn't find it. I had a very hard time getting anyone to prescribe the Diflucan for me, too.
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    I was able to get thrush under control using grapefruitseed extract. I think it was Dr newman's protocol, it was something like 10tablets 3 or 4 x a day, as well as using the liquid on my nipples between feeds. It must be diluted, and wiped off before nursing. its not harmful but tastes really bad. i started it like the day i had pain though. I Did use nystatin on the baby though, mostly because i had it already, and she showed no signs except a tiny patch onher cheek. I just swabbed her mouth with it.

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