All my kids have been small. DD1 is 7.5 and only 42lbs. DD2 is my only "normal" kid who weighs more than her big sis (and is 2 years younger) and is probably 50th %tile for her weight and height. Last week I took DD3 for her 18M appt (a little late ) and it seems she has fallen off her curve for height and head circumference. Now with DD1 she as always small but always hung on to her curve. I am a little concerned over this one.

She is developmentally amazing. She says and does things her sisters never did at her age. She speaks 2-3 words together and understands concepts like loud, hot, cold, even upside down! I am very comfortable (if not impressed!) with how she is developing cognitively so I am not worried there. Physically she is great - runs, climbs, jumps, etc. Did I mention climbs?! She is a major climber lol.

DH and I are short. I am 5'2" and DH is maybe 5'4" if he is lucky. No one in his family is tall. I have an uncle and a grandfather who are close to 6ft if not exactly but that is it for my family too. The rest are pretty short.

So do I need to worry? The doc said we may have caught her before a growth spurt so she will hold off on testing but if she hasn't gotten back on her curve by the next visit she wants to run some endocrine panels. I refuse to google anything. I don't want to know what she is implying could be wrong just yet.

Anyone have this happen with height? I know a lot of kids fall off the curve with weight but I don't remember seeing a lot of posts about height (and head circ) specifically.