I know ultimately we have to decide for ourselves, but would like to hear what others think.
My youngest ds turned 3 in February. He currently weighs 23lbs.
He eats well, still nurses couple of times a day/night, hasn't shown any reactions to foods developmentally on target,his language is beautiful! He has tons of energy and has never caught more than a minor cold. Happy, healthy, awesome kid. Just a wee one.
Our general practitioner has referred him to a specialist (gastroenterology) for failure to thrive. Twice I have made the appt and cancelled once because icy roads and once because my older children were sick and I didn't want to drag them out. But really, my gut tells me this is such a waste of time, gas, efforts. It's an hour drive and there is a 99.9% chance he won't cooperate! cry through the whole thing and ultimately end up in the lab for blood tests (which will be a separate hour drive since our insurance only will cover labs from our primary) and him learning to fear dr's just like my older ds who went through all the same things. I don't want to blatantly go against dr orders, but it really makes no sense to me to go to this appt.