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    Well I can FINALLY say I have a real DD- my MW went with 11/8 so we shall see. Both DD and DS were a week early-since this is #3 and final I don't mind if this one comes late although I say that now!

    All things looked good! HR was 172 in the u/s and I'm having another in a couple of weeks since it'll be time for the serial sequential test- which I did with #1, not #2 and since I'm older now (34) I am doing again….and I get to see our little bean again!!! I'm thinking girl since my face is so broken out lol. I'd add my u/s but I am not sure how right now lol

    Looking forward to progressing and telling more people!!! Telling my dad this weekend when we color eggs- need to tell our children and inlaws too. My mom already knows ;)

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    !!! Woohoo, so excited your u/s went well...hope you get the pic thing figured out, just love seeing those little beans !

    How exciting to be letting the news out!! My mom knows too, but it'll be awhile before I tell my dad, lol, he and his wife are worriers .
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    I maybe moving to 11/8 too. That was based on my LMP. But I know I ovulated early. So I'll probably be early. I was a week early with D's #2. Soooo We can be dd buddies this is my third too. And hopefully second home birth.


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