I am on cycle day 32 and am approximately 1-2 days late! I have had no spotting or blood at all! I know that I ovulated on either March 6th or 7th. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was NEGATIVE! I was really surprised. I thought it would be positive as I am having signs that I could very well be pregnant. My boobs hurt I have a blueish tint on my V. I am NEVER this late. What are the chances that I am getting a false negative. The test that I took was a Target Brand Up and Up test that says it can be used days BEFORE your expected period is to arrive. I used first morning urine also! Please give me some advice here. I want to call my doctor for a blood test but I don't want them to think i'm crazy plus I have a feeling if I call them and request a blood test and tell them that I have not received a positive home test they will say no anyways. HELP!