Hey girls, my name is nicole. Im 18, been in a relationship for four years now but I think I might be pregnant... we've had scares.. plenty of them! Im on bc and he pulls out but I tend to miss a lot of my pills. Which isn't good at all. Starting three days ago, my lower stomach hurt badly, my lower back, boobs kinda sore not really, nauseous especially in the morning but all day tok, no appetite. Five bites makes me full. Headache, and I've been sleeping so much I haven't been to school in a week. I went to the doctor today and she pressed on my lower abdomen by my uterus and it hurt so bad I cringed. She thought it was a uti but iy came back negative. I took a pregnancy test two weeks ago and it came back negative... idk what im feeling. I just know I haven't felt like this before. HELP!!!