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Thread: Here we go! I might be pregnant..

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    Post Here we go! I might be pregnant..

    Hi everyone.
    Here is my story so far...
    I haven't had my period in over a month, I'm 2 weeks 4 days late.
    Still nothing...
    I've had bad BAD Cramps circulating around my hips and lower back, they get worse at night and in the afternoon...
    Sometimes it's in my stomach...But they just come and go all day. No matter what I eat.
    No matter how much or little I eat I feel constantly bloated.
    I have really, really bad gas...but I'm constipated?
    I have WAY more discharge than normal...Literally. [clear] I've got a sore like chest... I can't describe it.
    I'm so tired, I couldn't sleep lastnight cause my hips were uncomfortable along with the cramps...
    I've been sick for a month before, I had a throat infection, but it cleared up.
    Now I've got a sore throat, and lately I get sooo warm which is out of the blue.
    I took a test 2 days ago but it was negative. Was it too soon to take the test?
    Reason I'm asking here, I dont have a family doctor and waiting 12 hours in outpatience isn't an option because I have a 1 year old who's very busy...
    I just have this feeling.......that this time it's happened. Scares me.
    So what do you think?

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    If you are 2.5 weeks overdue for a period and its still (-) I doubt your pregnant because a (+) should have shown by now, my guess is your hormone levels
    could be off causing an irregular period. I know you are saying you don't have a family doctor but, do you have a gyn your established with?
    *** Lindsay ***

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    *** Lindsay ***

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