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    This is kate. Since 3 days i am having left side pelvic pain, lower bac pain, shortness of breath, tired but not extremly, vaginal discharge, excess saliva secretion. Iam 15 dpo. My period is due on march 19th. I used to have 38days menstrual cycle.Can these symptoms be taken for pregnancy or pms. Iam kinda worriedabout left pelvic pain. Is it normal??

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    Those symptoms could mean pregnancy or they could not. It is really hard to tell. However, if you have significant pain on the left side I would give your doctor a call.
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    Thank you.

    I am 4 days late for my period. But i got negative for pregnancy test. After how many days do we need to go for pregnancy test ?

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    I am 19 days late for my period. But negative pregnancy test on 18th missed day. I have lower back pains,pain between shoulder blades, right tender breast, white discharge , frequently urinating. Need suggestions !! Please Help !!

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