I'm feeling a little disconnected, I guess, from my pregnancy right now. Which I think is weird because I have a slowly growing stash of baby things, I make baby things almost every day--I'm getting kicked on a somewhat regular schedule now--but I feel like this is something that is happening around me, not something I'm a part of. I'm doing lots of reading about labor and NB care and trying to prepare as much as I can. But idk it feels more like studying for an exam than anything.

I made an off handed comment to my DH about it not seeming that real and he said it feels very real to him. I had lunch with my BFF a couple weeks ago and she was asking me lots of questions (she doesn't have kids) and I felt like all my answers were very clinical and not really emotional and I felt bad about that.

I'm not sure there's anything I can do differently, but maybe there is. I'm not really obsessing over this feeling or anything, I'm sure it will go away, just looking for some encouragement or BTDT stories.