Hi I had a question to sum it up:

I am required to do no lifting at my job ( The Dr. wrote a note ) but my job requires lifting- so they option of taking short term disability has been discussed with the HR dept/Manager and myself. My question is I am only 6 months- AND my work offers the 12 weeks of short term pregnancy disability leave rather then "maternity leave" SO my question is if I do take the short term disability now or prior to the 4 weeks before due date- how does the 12 weeks work and start??
If I decided to take and say already on short term disability? did/does it start once I left work? due to job restrictions? IF NOT when would the 12 weeks kick in? I ask because I wonder is it two separate disability claims OR is it the same just got extended longer - due to work related restrictions that at this moment they can not accommodate.

I am worried if I take it now or in a month at 7 months will the 12 weeks begin then my last day ( I know I would get paid a %)
( or is that separate )
if it is separate when would the 12 weeks begin? and who decides that?
I want to stay as long as possible but does not look that way but I am worried my 12 weeks will start then or hoping it is separate.
Since one is modified work restrictions that my work can not accommodate but will try- and the other one is just due to having a baby