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Thread: Needs information on early short term diasabilty leave

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    Default Needs information on early short term diasabilty leave

    Hi I had a question to sum it up:

    I am required to do no lifting at my job ( The Dr. wrote a note ) but my job requires lifting- so they option of taking short term disability has been discussed with the HR dept/Manager and myself. My question is I am only 6 months- AND my work offers the 12 weeks of short term pregnancy disability leave rather then "maternity leave" SO my question is if I do take the short term disability now or prior to the 4 weeks before due date- how does the 12 weeks work and start??
    If I decided to take and say already on short term disability? did/does it start once I left work? due to job restrictions? IF NOT when would the 12 weeks kick in? I ask because I wonder is it two separate disability claims OR is it the same just got extended longer - due to work related restrictions that at this moment they can not accommodate.

    I am worried if I take it now or in a month at 7 months will the 12 weeks begin then my last day ( I know I would get paid a %)
    ( or is that separate )
    if it is separate when would the 12 weeks begin? and who decides that?
    I want to stay as long as possible but does not look that way but I am worried my 12 weeks will start then or hoping it is separate.
    Since one is modified work restrictions that my work can not accommodate but will try- and the other one is just due to having a baby

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    I think you need to ask your HR person. My guess would be you get 12 weeks period, whenever you start being off work is the beginning of that 12 weeks. Is there another position you can work in temporarily that requires no lifting?

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