Thank you ladies !

Lizzy...yup, the dr said to follow up with my pcp, my OB, and possibly a cardiologist if I continue to feel out of breath. The pulmonologist recommended I follow up with them or a pulmonologist of my choosing and an allergist/immunologist.

The health care system my OB and PCP are with all work together so I really should have to just talk to my OB and he'll set up the referrals necessary . My OB may just have my PCP do it, but because I'm pg I seriously doubt my PCP will handle it since I'm already with MFM.

The pulmonologist said that too about the symbicort...that it's not a known side effect, but not impossible that it may just be how my body reacted to both meds . It's a bit of a mystery but I'm thankful to be feeling better.

I'm still a little concerned about my heart rate being high without knowing it and and having it affect the baby/pg somehow. If it's in the 120s walking slowly does that mean it's going to increase substantially with my typical routine?? I'm anxious to address my new million and one concerns with my ob on Monday, lol