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Thread: Missed Period and Tons of Symptoms with Negative Tests!

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    Question Missed Period and Tons of Symptoms with Negative Tests!

    I have been more or less regular (cycles fluctuating by 2 or 3 days at most) for about a year and a half. I am 4 to 8 days late depending on when I would have started and I have having all kinds of symptoms as well. I have not been on birth control for almost 2 years. Before that I was VERY irregular and VERY over weight. I started working out June of 2012 and lost about 100lbs in hopes of keeping my period regular and just staying healthy in general. My husband and I have been not been trying to prevent a pregnancy but not full blown ttc. Just kinda letting whatever happenes happen. I took a few tests right after I realized I was late and they came back negative and I took one 2 days ago that was negative. I am kinda freaked out becuase as I said I have having all sorts of prego symptoms suck as missed period, lower back aches, lower abdominal pain like pms cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, increased appetite, no energy or motivation at all, my boobs are more sensitive than normal and have clearly gotten bigger, i am running to the ladies room more often and it just kind of hits immediately to where if I don't go right away it could be a problem (lol), if I don't eat something every hour or 2 i get super sick to my stomach, my body (especially my legs, neck, and shoulders) are super achey randomly through out the day, and I can't sleep for the life of me, even though at the end of the day I am exhausted, because it seems every 2 hours I am getting up to use the restroom and I just can't get comfortable (i am a stomach sleeper and occasional side sleeper and both are uncomfortable for me). Monday I have a regular doctors appointment and I am going to tell them about what has been going on and hopefully get a blood test done to find out. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this where they clearly have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy but keep getting negative tests! It is driving me CRAZY!!!!

    Please, oh please let me know if you are or have experienced anything like this before and what the outcome was!!

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    I hope your gyno or PCP can give you some answers. How late are you? Sometimes if its a matter of being a few days late for some a pregnancy test could be negative or it could be other issues.
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    I'd talk to the doc but chances are good you're pg and just not showing. I know there was someone in our due date room for DD2 that didn't show positive on tests with any of her three LOs until she was at least 2 weeks late. Good luck!

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    My SIL has two kids and never got a positive home pregnancy test. She had super wacky cycles too. So I suppose its possible.

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