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    Last Friday we found out we're having twins. There had only been one baby the previous few weeks and this second baby is hiding a bit behind the other one but both had heart beats. Baby A was measuring about 7w and had a heart rate of 148 and baby B was 6w2d and heart rate was 117. The RE thinks baby B implanted late and that's why he/she is behind.

    This changes a lot for us since we will need a new vehicle, second infant seat, an additional crib, a different stroller and some other smaller items. I made a list on Amazon to help me figure out what else it is we will need to prepare ahead of time so we can buy things here and there instead of all at once.

    We are really excited but also a bit nervous since I am already high risk. I know they will monitor me really closely and take great care of me as they did with my daughter but I still can't help but worry a bit about babies being small (my singleton at 38w was only 5.5 at birth) or coming early. I'm sure this is a normal concern worry for mom's pregnant with multiples.

    We originally were planning on waiting to find out the gender at birth but we may find out ahead of time so we can plan a bit better for clothes and other things we may need. I'm not sure if we'll share if we find out of wait to have our family surprised.

    Are there any other mom's with multiples pregnant right now? I hope I'm not the only one and have some company!

    Oh....and we haven't even told our families we are pregnant yet so I know they are going to be in for a big surprise when we do share our news!
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