I don't come on here often anymore. I wanted to update you ladies on my baby girl (since I was around often during my pregnancy).

Shes 9 months old now. My, how time flies.

She just had her 9 month check up, she is 20lbs 5 oz. Her first tooth just popped through! She wasn't fussy about it at all, we knew it was getting close but she never was grumpy. She also started walking this weekend! So bittersweet. But so little! I wasn't expecting her to walk until her 1st birthday. Whenever she took steps we would cheer her on so I think that was incentive to keep on moving. Hahaha now I am for sure getting my daily exercise in chasing her around. She says a few things, dada, mama, and kitty. She loveeees our kitties. They're still getting used to her, but they've done soo good. They never swat, they know to just walk away if she is bugging them. Haha. it really amazes me how smart babies are. and how much they learn every day. It's crazy to me!