Had a visit with our SW today. She said she spoke with the DSS lawyer and he said it's fine that I probably won't be able to make it to court. I guess he'd decided he wasn't likely to use my testimony anyway. He said he hates putting foster parents on the stand so it seems he wasn't planning to use me anyway.

They also said that court will happen regardless of mom's mental status. So it will not be continued again under any circumstances. So that's good news. It also looks as though dad is signing or has signed his rights away voluntarily and it will be heard or entered into record or however they do it at this court date.

So regardless of what happens with the birth we should be on the path to adoption by April and they're saying we should have a short process. Either way her parents will no longer have legal rights and we'll be her legal parents soon! I can't imagine not having to worry anymore.