Hello everyone. I am 38 and pregnant with baby #4 (completely and totally not planned due to severe medical issues and limitations). I have almost daily migraines and need a lot of supplements and medications to keep me even a little bit functional. But when pregnant, cannot take many of them (i.e. feverfew for prevention, Imitrex to treat migraines, anti-nausea medications, depression/anxiety medications). A "new" challenge is that I have begun having severe night seats, meaning I wake up every 30 minutes soaking wet and needing new clean clothes and new sheets. Which means no sleep, which results in more severe migraines = really, really bad nausea migraine-related added to severe pregnancy nausea. My drs seem largely unhelpful and I can't seem to find any "pregnancy safe" night sweat treatments (BTW, menopause runs super early in my family, so I am in early menopause at my age, despite this pregnancy). If anyone has any safe ideas for treating the night sweats (I have had acupuncture recommended, but it's expensive and with me on disability for the migraines we are very financially limited). Thanks!!! I have done a ton of internet research (something I am professionally skilled at) and yet no luck yet.