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Thread: Can't tell if I'm pregnant, please help :)

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    Default Can't tell if I'm pregnant, please help :)

    This is going to be long. So Nov 5 and 8 I had sex with my now ex-boyfriend, he is the only guy I've done it with, we took a test 12 days after the first time. It was negative. But we were both worried because even though I am on birth control for my PCOS I missed one that week, and since I was not planing on using them as a birth control, but as a hormone stabilizer, I didn't know you were suppose to take them the same time every day, so I would take one at like 5 and one at like 9 or something. Fast forward to now, I have had one day of period that was very light, and that has been all the blood I have gotten and usually I get two weeks of very heavy blood per month. I have had many signs of pregnancy, growing stomach, not all squishy, near the bottom and a little above my belly button its hard, nausea, but no vomit yet, dizziness every single time I stand up, extremely gassy, always hungry, and I'm a person that has just lost 40 pounds, because I would usually only eat like dinner and a snack, because that's all I was hungry for, now I'm eating everything in sight! I've got to pee all the time, and my stomach is just killing me! Like it feels like something is pulling on both sides in opposite directions, I do also have like little fluttering feelings every once and a while, and my mom, who doesn't know about any of this, keeps telling me it's gas, but I never pass gas when it happens! I'm also extremely moody, but not like bad moody all the time, sometimes ill be a ray of sunshine, next thing ya know I want to rip everyone's heads off or I just randomly start balling at nothing. So my school nurse had me take a pregnancy test, it was negative, but she said that many people with PCOS will get false negatives all the way up to when they give birth, that they will even get false negative blood tests! So I just need help, because if I'm not pregnant, what is wrong with me.

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    If you just had the urine test I would do a blood test but, more than likely you aren't pregnant it could be the birth control that is having you feel pregnant.
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    I agree with pp. Believe me I have PCOS and you get symptoms all the time with out being pg. It took me 5 years of trying really hard with medication to get pg. I would believe the tests. No need to worry.
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    I also don't think that you are pregnant. Any sort of delay in regular periods can make you feel really off. If you are not having periods during the sugar pills of your BCP I would go and see your doctor to see if you could try something else to stabilize your hormones. Also, start taking your pills at the same time of day as that will help the hormones to remain constant in your body and hopefully lessen the side effects that you are experiencing.
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