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Thread: Strange thing...ideas??

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    Default Strange thing...ideas??

    So I've been having a lot of discharge lately (totally normal) and I've been using pantyliners because, come on, ew.

    Anyway...I've noticed that there are some red fiber-looking things mixed into the discharge. It doesn't look like spots of blood but thin stringy fiber-like things. I was wondering if maybe I'm leaking some urine and there's blood in it getting soaked up to the fibers on the liner. I'm not wearing any red clothes, none of our sheets or blankets or anything is red, so I'm at a loss for what else it might be.

    There's sometimes the fiber things on tp when I wipe but no spots of blood of anything that makes me think blood...

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    I had that happened once a few weeks back. No idea what it was and it went away.

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    I also get orange fiber things...

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    Shouldn't be anything serious but if you are concerned - call into your Dr office. With dd1 I used to get such thing e every single time I went to pee and wiped. But since no discharge and second wipe would be clear my Dr never worried.
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