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    15 Things About New Motherhood No One Tells You: This is very well written and I just felt the need to share for our FTMs. And part of me wants to assume it was written by someone shortly after giving birth, maybe 6 months, before she forgot.

    Number 10 through 15 really hit home for me. It brings up memories that you really try to forget. Like how I hated when people came by because I looked like sh!t and was expected to entertain them. They want to hold your baby but a little part of you doesn't want anyone to hold YOUR baby, ever. You have nights where the crying won't stop and in your zombie state you just stand over the crib staring, not having a clue what to do. But it does all get better and wonderful and amazing. It's so easy to forget those first, terrible terrible weeks. And like everything else, its a good thing we do forget or we wouldn't do it again! I am trying to understand and cope with what's to come with twins!

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    Great article!!

    Honestly, most of it I haven't had to deal with and the few things I have it was after my 9th was born . It wasn't anything I did or didn't was just my circumstances (and maybe a little bit the personality/perspective that I was born with, again, not anything I's just who I am), but I fear sometimes other moms see my situation (and other moms like me) and think that's how it's "supposed to be", but it's not and I don't think it usually is for *most* moms...they need to read stuff like this!!!

    My bff struggled so badly throughout her child-bearing years and it broke my heart ! I wanted to help, but I simply didn't struggle the way she did (not that I was without struggles, I certainly have had some significant bumps in my life, they just weren't in the area of raising kiddos) and her circumstances were so different from mine I had no idea how to see things from her perspective. Since having kids tends to be isolating I think she thought something was wrong with her and/or her kids because her life didn't look like mine (or some of the other moms she knew). It wasn't until her kids were out of the baby/toddler phase that she was finally able to focus again (ya, a decade of no sleep can do a number on your perceived reality ) she was able to meet with other moms going through the same things and it was such a huge confidence booster for her .

    I think at first glance some might read an article like that and think it's only focusing on the negative or worry it might discourage/worry ftms before their baby arrives, but I think they need to hear it and they need to hear that they can do it, that it'll be tough, but they'll get through and it'll be okay, and it'll be worth it .

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
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    That is such a great article! I wish someone had shared something like it with me when I first started having my children. Thanks for sharing.

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