I'll try to keep this brief. My sense of time is all thrown off so I'm not 100% sure what time certain events took place lol.

I started having regular contractions at 10 pm on Saturday. They were about 20 min apart and 45 seconds long. I figured I'd try to get some rest in case it was the real deal. Unfortunately for me, they were really consistent and strong and always at least 45 seconds. I didn't get much more than 10 min cat naps at a time between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. By morning I told DH this had to be it. Gave the doula the heads up the night before and told her I'd give her a call once they were closer since she's about an hour from the hospital. Around 8 am I called the doula and the doctor to let them know we were now 7 min apart. We head to the hospital around 10 am and guess what? My contractions stopped. 12 hours of consistent contractions and the whole ride over I had 3 little ones and nothing at the hospital. Since it was so dead in the labor and delivery area they allowed me to stay and try to labor. My doula, Karen, worked some of her accupressure magic and had me sit on the birthing ball and the contractions started to pick up again. When I was checked I was only 2 cm dilated but can't remember how effaced I was at that point. They said that the longer I stayed the more my chance for a RCS would increase. Karen said I had two options, go home to labor some more or request a narcotic just to get me to sleep since I hadn't had a good night's sleep since Friday night! I opted for the latter since I was pretty far from the hospital and figured I'm in labor now how would I know when I'm in legit active labor later. So the decision was made to give me some morphine via IV so I could catch some shut eye. This would wear off in about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Karen said if my body was meant to go into labor it would keep contracting after I woke up if not then it was definitely prodromal (spl?) labor. Karen went home to take a nap and would come back once I woke up and started active labor. Well, the morphine helped me get woozy but I still was conscience enough to hear everyone around me although I was in and out. And I was definitely conscience enough to feel my contractions. The good thing about all this was they started getting closer together again and were 8 min apart then 5 min apart. So there I am completely out of it contracting away still--so much for sleep lol. When I finally came to completely I was about 5 cm and 90% effaced. My nurse suggested I use the shower again. It always helped so why not. Well, contractions were definitely stronger. Water was not helping too much but it helped me get through them while Karen was on her way back. These were brutal since I was in there alone. The nurse was busy doing her thing, Karen was on her way back, DH went to grab a snack, and MIL I think was too afraid to impose on me (I didn't give a crap! lol). So I finally come out and labor in bed, Karenís finally back. Thank god cause I just couldnít handle them anymore and started considering an epidural at this point. This part is all fuzzy for me since I probably had some morphine running through me, lack of sleep, my timing was all off. Eventually I got up to a 7 or an 8 and still 90% effaced. I was begging for an epidural. I kind of felt like everyone was flat out ignoring my plea because it wasn't being addressed. I must have been in transition because I would say I can't do this, this isn't going to happen, etc. Eventually my nurse, Cathy, said it was probably too late for one anyway. (I still didn't give up on asking for it lol). At this point I was getting real nasty with my support team. MIL said I said things that I can't even remember saying. lol But everyone around me just kept supporting me through each contraction or remaining quiet. Oh and I had the shakes ever since the morphine hit my body so that wasnít helping any. That sensation lasted well after the morphine wore off all the way until the very end but only when a contraction hit. I finally have the urge to push but still have a lip of cervix in the way. I'm ready to say eff it I'm pushing through it but no one would let me. Maybe half hour passes and we are ready to push (thank god). DH was at my side, Karen on the other, and Cathy by my leg. Karen seriously had to put up a pillow as a barrier because DH was ready to pass out, what a wimp! About 40 min later and a few, difficult but not so terrible pushes and out came Emma Elisabeth at 12:25 am on February 10th. I remember Karen asking if I wanted to touch her head and I was like "no, that's not necessary right now" lol. But on the next push I did reach down and touch her head lol. It was great. Such a relief for her to come out. I just couldn't believe it. My face was just surprised that I just did all that with the very minimal amount of pain medication. That is so not like me. I'm the biggest wimp for pain! Lol My whole support group was just amazing throughout the whole experience. I couldnít have gotten through any of it without them. MIL being there was such a last minute thing too, she drove us there and just stayed but I totally appreciated everything she did for me. She even cut the cord lol. After the birth Karen mentioned that the cord was wrapped around Emma's neck once. This was a bit surprising considering her monitor picked up completely normal heart rates throughout the entire labor and delivery. Not once did anyone worry about her.

So weíve been home now for 2 days. I had a 2nd degree tear and a horrible case of hemmroids. All definitely worth the VBAC though. I got the birth I wanted down to the very last detail. Emmaís been nursing like a champ, Big brother Brandon is doing great with her, but regresses here and there which is expected, and Iím coping with this birth a million times better than I did with my first. It feels great to actually enjoy a newborn rather than want to crawl into a ball.