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    Default Another toy spin off!

    If you give your children the choice of what toys to buy/pick out do you offer ANY suggestions or comments with what they choose or do you keep quiet and let them pick what they want within price range?

    I ask this because DD2's bday is in 2 weeks and I asked her what she wanted. She listed a bunch of things but they were duplicates of what she already had....another doll, another doll house, another kitchen set. I found myself saying, "but you already have 6 dolls why do you need another"? (I mean baby dolls not stuffed animal dolls) "You already have a giant doll house that you never play with", etc.

    Do you draw the line somewhere? I felt badly that I was shooting down her ideas when I asked for her input but the thought of buying yet another doll made my head explode. And another doll house? We don't even have the space for that.

    Is it just a bad idea to ask them lol???
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    I do give them guidance, or at least suggestions. When DS got some money to pick anything he wanted, we went on Amazon, and I first showed him some toys that he would not pick out on his own. He ended up picking out yet another vehicle, but I at least try to expose them to something different. Also, when we actually went to the store to get something another time, we did say no to something because it was just so flimsy. That time we took him through the parts of the store that were not filled with vehicles, but that is still where we ended up.

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    I am pretty similar to cheesysmiles. I try not to shoot down their choices unless we have 5 of those or it is unsafe, they are too young for that etc.

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    Maybe my kids are too young but I don't even ask them what they want, lol. My ds just turned 4- so we did a big bday party (which cost quite a bit) and he seemed satisfied with that. In fact he almost forgot the presents--many of which we returned or exchanged, lol!!!! I know this is not going to last so I am enjoying it now!

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    We do most of our shopping online, so I do end up showing her a bunch of stuff I think she'd like. I have decided that for her upcoming birthday, I'll just buy the things I know she will play with, instead of whatever catches her fancy.

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    I pretty much do what Suja does -- get things I know will get a lot of use. Usually a mix of more practical toys/gifts with one or two that will especially float her boat. If there's something she's really been asking for, she usually gets it unless it's really impractical for some reason, and if it is, we explain that she might not get that thing she wants because _______. If she was asking for a doll house when she already has a doll house, we'd probably just say "You might not get the dollhouse because you already have one. Is there anything else you want - how about new furniture for the house you have?"
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    Cody seemed interested in drawing for example so when he wants to pick Transformers like I mentioned in the other thread I remind him "Hey Cody, how about some coloring books, crayons, or art stuff you have a lot of transformers". Or I guide him by, saying "Well you can save your money for a bigger toy or something else later". Then I let it go. If he chooses to pick something that he has many of he can have natural consequences of not picking something different like if he complains later "Oh man I should have bought X instead of X". I will gently say "Cody we gave you suggestions but, next time you can pick out X". For Sophia since she is only two we show her usually 2-3 different things and let her pick from that unless she points to something she wants. She is becoming better about tell us "Doll", "Horse", "Kitty", etc.. for the type of toys she wants. She seems to enjoy animal toys so we usually show her though among a few others. As far as a limit we do donate when the toys get out of hand and we will not buy toys until we donate more toys so we have room for them. We tell Cody that some kids don't have toys and its nice to donate because he has so many. I see as being honest my dad did the same thing with my brother and I. He'd say "Now, you guys how long has it been since you'll played with X"? I model that we've been very fortunate example: the house with people helping to build it- something he can understand and how its nice to give back.
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    When I buy presents, I buy things that is something new. I answered when the kids get a gift card or a small monetary gift to be used for a gift.

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    I will offer suggestions usually only if I think it's impractical for them (small pieces, poor quality) otherwise, if it's something they are buying for themselves I stay out of it. We do almost all toy shopping at goodwill, st Vincent's, or a little children's consignment owned by a friend. I can probably count on my fingers how many times we've toy shopped in a dept store. But that adds a whole other line of questions we have to ask ourselves. Is it in good repair? Clean? Missing pieces? My kids are pretty particular shoppers. It can be agonizing. Lol.
    A while back, my dd brought me her money and said she wanted to buy a bubble machine and asked me to help her go on amazon to look at prices and reviews. I thought to myself she was a good little shopper, comparing prices and reading reviews, weighing pros and cons of each one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suja View Post
    We do most of our shopping online, so I do end up showing her a bunch of stuff I think she'd like. I have decided that for her upcoming birthday, I'll just buy the things I know she will play with, instead of whatever catches her fancy.

    for christmas ds kept asking for a glow pet we did not get him one we picked out other stuff that we knew he would like and play with.
    my sil got him a glow pet (she never asks what to get our children, she just gets something popular or something her girls like)
    fast foreward to today.. the glow pet has spent the past 2 weeks on a shelf untouched and the other stuff that we picked out for him is still being used.
    so we ask to get ideas but end up picking out stuff we know will get years of use.

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    For a gift such as a birthday (Or Christmas) I don't ask them what they want. I usually have a good idea and a gift is supposed to be a surprise vs a request (at least to me). When they have their own money and they are standing at Target looking at something they basically already have, I'll offer guidance, but at the same time if they really want it, and it fits in our rule (we don't allow Bratz dolls and a few other things) then they can get the duplicate.
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    I like to ask but always say that we never know what we will get them. However all of my kids have a gizzion ideas so we are bound to find something they like.

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    I offer suggestions but in the end, if she wants ANOTHER barbie/doll/stuffed animal, its up to her... I always try to suggest art stuff because she LOVES arts and crafts, but for some reason, its not exciting for her to buy. She loves receiving art suppliesas gifts, but if its just her, picking out toys, she always goes for a doll of some sort. I dont really mind, its not often she gets free range in a toy store! Now, when people ask her what she wants for her bday, etc, I stand back and laugh because she asks for the most random things.

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