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Thread: Irregular Periods.

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    Exclamation Irregular Periods.

    I'll start out by stating that I haven't seen a doctor yet. I owe the hospital a large amount of money due to past injuries. I WILL go see my doctor, if I absolutely must, but I'd prefer it to be a last resort.

    Alright. I'm not 100% sure that I do, or do not want a child at this time. I'm extremely indecisive at this moment. However, one day I will...And it's probably soon.

    REGARDLESS, it's never a bad thing to know when you are and are not ovulating. I cannot tell. I've looked all over the internet and cannot find an answer. I've decided to try this forum. Hopefully my luck will change, and I'll find someone who has already experienced what I currently am experiencing....

    I'm only 22yrs of age. I'd gotten my first period around the age of sixteen. Ever since, I've only ever gotten my period 1-3 times per year, unless I'm on a method of birth control. (EX: Deppo Provera, NEVER get a periods. Pills, I either bleed NONSTOP, or regularly/once per month)

    My question is; How in the name of Whomever, do I figure out when I'm ovulating, or if I even can conceive one day?

    ANY help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

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    You can start charting on a site called fertility friend, you can order ovulation test off amazon pretty cheap and start out that way to learn your cycle. How ever simple blood test with your OB cam tell them things as well and maybe an in office ultra sound. To not have regular periods is not normal and should be investigated. There could be an under lying problem that simple meds can help and fix so that your not struggling come time to wanting to have a baby. Hope this helps you some.

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