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    Do you *need* a closure on the prefold or will the cover/soaker/wrap keep it in place pretty well?

    Snappis are pretty inexpensive so it's not a cost issue, just thinking about wrangling it. Having a hard time imagining using pins. Plus if I don't need them, it's one less thing to lose or forget about or fumble with in the middle of the night.
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    I never used one. Just the prefold and the wrap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
    I never used one. Just the prefold and the wrap.
    same here. just a trifold is what I did.

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    I liked using the snappi because I think it helped hold in messes better and just seemed more secure. It really wasn't difficult to use after a little practice (DH and I both practiced putting the diaper/snappi on a doll before baby came so we would be more comfortable with the process). I had several so I didn't have to worry too much about misplacing one. Also, depending on the cover you use, some may hold the prefold in place better than others (if you choose not to use the snappi).

    I would think the snappi might be a little trickier as the baby gets bigger and more mobile/wiggly, but I don't have experience with that because we switched from pf's and covers to BG pockets after a month or so.
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    I liked the snappi in the BM only stages. It's also trimmer on smaller babies compared with tri-folding it in.
    And really not difficult, once you get used to it. Newborns are great for practicing cause they don't move when trying to put it on. I was amazed how much easier it was to put the PF on my newborn after learning on my toddler.

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    I had some snappis but for some reason never used them, so I sent them to a relative to use with her baby. Now I just tri-fold the prefold and lay it in the cover. Works great!

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