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    I am 34 weeks along with #3 now, and am at the point where my previous doctor began seeing growth problems with both prior pregnancies. I had an appointment last Thursday, and the new doc noticed that I am measuring small. A sonogram 2 weeks ago showed the baby was measuring fine, but the doc wants to do another sono, just in case. The problem is, the US tech isn't going to be there when I am supposed to have my next appointment, so they pushed it to the following Tuesday. I will be 37 weeks at that point, which is the day I had my 2nd, and almost a week past when I had my first child.
    I am debating calling them and asking if they can fit me in this week, or if I should stop being paranoid and wait the 2 more weeks. Opinions are greatly appreciated!

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    If your office can't fit you in, are there any independent ultrasound places in your area? I think most people go there just for the fancy 4d ultrasounds but I don't see why you couldn't get a diagnostic one done. Or would they be willing to write you an order to have it done at the hospital?
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    No, I would insist on being seen or get a referral for somewhere else.

    good luck!

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