We have been TTC for about a year now and nothing. So I started charting everything. I ovulated around the 18th of last month. We had sex pretty much every other day. My period usually starts on the first or second day each month. I was started to get symptoms the last couple weeks: extremely emotional. Wanting to cry for now reason. Mood swings. Back aches. Cramps. Sore breasts. Cramps in my breasts. Heartburn which I have never had before. I took a pregnancy test around the 4th of this month. I think. It took a while for it to show up but there was a very faint thin positive line. However yesterday I started what seemed to be my period. It started out really light but was heavy all day yesterday. But I only had to use two pads. Its was also the same color as my normal periods. Today its been fairly light and its a lot darker. Almost a maroonish brown color. I'm not sure what that means. Last month my period only lasted 3 days.