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Thread: When did I ovulate? Took Plan b pill.

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    Default When did I ovulate? Took Plan b pill.

    I am trying to figure out when I ovulated. My situation is very confusing.

    I got my period on May 29 and I usually have an average of 28-30 day cycle. This month my period only lasted 3 days. I had intercourse on May 31st and June 1st, then also on June 5th. I had intercourse again on June 8th and 10th. On the 8th and 10th, he did not ejaculate inside me. (TMI, but on the 8th he didn't achieve orgasm at all, and on the 10th he pulled out well before orgasming). I had intercourse again on the 11th,12th,and 13th. On the 13th I took the Plan b pill. I took Plan b on this day because I realized I was probably close to ovulation. I had intercourse again sometime between the 18th and 25th. I can't remember the date. I tested positive for pregnancy on the 29th of June.

    My question is when did I ovulate and conceive? My doctor thinks that my period wasn't really a period and I was ovulating at the beginning of June. My due date is set for February 23rd. It was originally March 4th, based on the first day of my last period, but moved to February 23rd based on measurements from my two ultrasounds done in August and November.

    My doctor doesn't seem concerned about this, but I am. What if my due date is way off and I am actually much less farther along than we think I am? There is a big difference between a baby born at 35 weeks than a baby born at term. If I conceived in the 18th-25th date range, my due date would be much later into March, and having a baby 3 or 4 weeks early concerns me. But she is measuring right at the Feb 23rd time frame, so that would have to mean that I got pregnant around the beginning of the month sometime between the very end of my period to the 5th, right?

    It doesn't help that I took Plan b on June 13th because I am even more confused as to when I conceived. Is is possible I conceived AFTER taking Plan b, sometime in the 18th-25th date range? Would a pregnancy test come back positive that soon? If so, is it possible she would still be measuring for a February 23rd due date? I know all babies grow differently, but I had a pretty early ultrasound in August and even then she was measuring for Feb 23rd and has remained consistent for that date since then.

    What are your opinions ladies? Does Plan b cause you to ovulate much later in your cycle and did I conceive later in the month, or was I already pregnant when I took the pill? Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful.

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    I would say all that doesn't really matter. Your dd would have really been set and confirmed via ultrasound based on the size of the baby, unless you're just now getting prenatal care which seems unlikely.
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    Yes, with a baby measuring that much different from what would be expected based on LMP your doctor would always go by the baby's consistent measurements. Hopefully, you'll just go into spontaneous labor and then won't have to worry about being pressured to induced. Most doctors will let you go at least a week overdue as long as everything checks out ok and with some doctors even two weeks. So, try not to worry.
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