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Thread: Can She Still B Pregnant And Her Hcg Levels Not Show Up Yet???? Help Please!!

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    Question Can She Still B Pregnant And Her Hcg Levels Not Show Up Yet???? Help Please!!

    My 17 yr old daughter doesn't/wont use protection. She has not started her menses since December 19th. Gave her 3 home pregnancy tests & they took blood yesterday at hospital & no hcg said not pregnant. The thing is she has been nauseas, vomiting at times, headaches, very emotional as in crying over anything/everything, her abdomen from middle of belly button down to her pelvic bone is like causing her pain, she gets up off bed or couch if laying down like a prego woman, plus her sense of smell is way more incredible up compared to wat it use to b. Her nose is like a hound dog & she can smell everything/anything & something make her wanna just get sick...
    She is kinda a big girl. B4 she could suck her stomach in now she cant suck it all the way in... Help this mom please... Can she still b pregnant even though her hcg hasn't showed up yet??? Also her stomach looks out and rounded out 2.. Wat is crazy is that last month she only had her menses like 2-3 days and it was real light she said also... So that's why im also wondering but still figured her hcg would definately show up by now. All her blood work came back fine. She isn't stressed over nothing & her menses has never been this late b4... Any and all responses would b greatfully appreciated ty...

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    If her blood test was negative she is not pregnant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJorn View Post
    If her blood test was negative she is not pregnant.
    I agree. To the OP does she want a baby? I hate to say but, she might be faking symptoms for empathy possibly.
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    Yes. If her blood test is negative, she's not pregnant. I have to wonder what's going on in her head, though.

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    I had another thought have they done any tests on her because of her pain/ nausea/ vomiting?
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    It's possible she may have something else medically going on. There are some health issues that share the same symptoms of pregnancy. She needs to go see her primary care doctor and tell them what you've told us. If she had a blood hcg test done, she is not pregnant.

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    It's possible she might have PCOS if her cycle hasn't started.
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