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Thread: Shingles...just wanted to share

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    I ended up with Shingles after a super stressful week. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction, but none of the allergy medication I used helped.
    Anyways, so I was told I should take anti-viral Acyclovir. It gives me bad headaches so I was very much against it and taking 800mg 5 times a day...I'm a non-compliant nurse, what can I say? They wanted me to take it so shorten the duration, reduce the risk for complications and to prevent the viral infection from repro
    In nursing school we were told that Zinc stops viral reproduction, so I told the doctor I'm going to try Zinc first. I bought 50mg Zinc, it's a vegan supplement. I'm only taking it once a day and my rash is going away and the sores don't hurt anymore...
    Just thought I'd share with you ladies....

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    I've heard its very painful I hope you feel better soon but, Zinc is good to know.
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    Glad the zinc helped! Acyclovir and it's cousins always make me ill the day(s) after taking it. Good to know there's an alternative. Feel better soon!
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    Thanks ladies!

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