So I started having mild contractions around 10, but didn't think much of it since I had been having them on and off for days. But after about half an hour they were getting more pronounced and were coming pretty regularly. By 11 I was starting think they were real.. They were about 5 minuets apart and lasting a little less then a minuet. I started texting my sister to give her a heads up but told her to wait a little bit before rushing out the door since I was still in denial this was real and didn't want to drag her here for nothing. They kept up like that for a little while longer and started o be more like 4 minuets apart by 11:30. That's when I called to the doctor and I told my sister not to leave until I spoke to him. He called back about 20 minuets later and said it sounded like labor but could still stall out so to get some rest while waiting for my sister. Well my sister ended up taking way a long time to get there since she had to turn around for something after leaving. There was no resting while waiting for her, contractions were coming 2-3 minuets apart and getting pretty painful. Her GPS had her arriving at 2:11am... But at 1am contractions were 1-2 minuets apart and getting pretty painful. Dh called a friend ours little brother who goes to college here to sit with the kids while he drove me (it's only a 5 minuet drive so it wasn't too bad to leave the kids with him but I didn't let dh walk me in since I didn't want the kids to wake up terrified). So I got there got checked in and got checked.. I was 7cm. Contractions were getting worse and worse. Luckily dh arrived about 2:15am at that point contractions were pretty intense. After a bit they gave me a birthing ball and that helped things feel a little better but I only got about 4 contractions on it before I started feeling a lot if pressure and dh got the nurse. I went to get in the bed so the doctor could check me and my water broke. He checked and I was 10cm. I started pushing but it was so so hard and horrible. They told me was sunny side up and still needed to come down a bit. I pushed and pushed and it was sooo much harder then with Paige and Jude. I got him to the birth canal but he got stuck and you could tell the atmosphere changed and the doctor got very serious... It hurt so bad while he was stuck there. They ended up having to do an episiotomy and even then it was still hard to get his head out and his shoulders didn't seem to want to budge once it was. But with a couple more big pushes he was out at 3:27am! It was such a relief! Even with all that drama pushing I only actually pushed for 10 minuets! He was 20 inches long and 8lbs 5oz. Jude and Paige were both 19 1/2 inch and Jude was the biggest at 6lbs 13oz, so this guy is quite chubby by comparison.

He is doing really! He is sometimes hard to wake up to nurse but has been giving me lots of time to rest :-). Paige and Jude love him and are so excited! Can't wait to go home tomorrow!