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    DS's youngest sister has been in care of CPS in California since August/September last year. When we heard we called and said we live out of state but if it comes to a permanent situation we would be interested in adopting her. Well her birth mom decided to give up. She feels she can't do anything to get her back. We don't have contact with her because she has been on and off of drugs and when she is on she hates us. Right now she hates us. Doesn't want us to get the little girl. I have been in contact and found out today their goal is still reunification but they have a court date in early April. I should have someone call me within a week to give me general information since they can't give me details until they change the goal to adoption. I am hesitant to be excited but at the same time excited! Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

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    Many prayers and kind thoughts. I hope the birth mom sees that you can give the little girl a great life and lots of love!!
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    What an exciting possibility for you and your family!!! Thinking of you ...hoping and praying!! ...I'm sure the wait will be tough!
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    Stepping in to say I am thinking of you and your family. I hope the siblings can be together.
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