We met a lovely homeschooling family today at the library. Dd, my introvert, and the older daughter were drawn to one another immediately and went off together for the duration. Mom was friendly and we chatted easily. She brought up God several times in conversation, at least 6 times. She also asked me if I had a home church, and when I said no, highly recommended hers. I just smiled. Said nothing. Changed the subject. Before we parted, she handed me her contact info and asked for mine, wanting to get together sometime.

I feel like I need to get it out of the way, at least that we aren't Christians. My gut feeling is that she will care to know, that she was fishing for it during our conversations. And how silly is it that I am afraid she won't want to be friends with me!? Dbf says next time she brings it up to say that we take a world view approach in teaching our children about religion and do not follow any particular faith. I actually think that sounds ok (less severe than the dreaded "a" word) but I do not want my kids to think we have to be ashamed of our beliefs.

How would you handle such a situation. I know it's easy to say if she doesn't like me for that, probably not worth investing in the friendship. But dd has been talking about her new friend since we got home.

(Any Christian friends peeking in, please feel free to respond. I wouldn't mind your viewpoint but thought better to post in here.)