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    I am 22 years old and I am a little confused. I have only had two partners and haven't really had that many scares.. or really any scares that came up positive. Here recently with my bf I have been careful about keeping track of my periods and things. One thing I know for sure is that the women in my family are very fertile. I am the youngest of 6. My mom didn't stop at 6 by choice lol We also ovulate a lot. Like since I had even started my very first period I had horrible cramps, heavy bleeding and constant ovulation throughout the entire course. I have just come to terms that my periods are roughly 28 days. I had sex- unprotected- with my bf Jan 11th. When he was spent in was right on my clitorus (hope thats not a tmi) it was too close for comfort and we both agreed that it could be bad for us, meaning it could get me pregnant. I had my period on the 14th and it lasted until the 19th. Not that heavy either..light cramps (sometimes they come and go anyway whether they are strong or not). I usually give my period an extra day to run its course. So Monday was officially my off day. I immediately started ovulating Tuesday ( yes this week) and have been doing so up until now. I have been all over the web trying to find out if I might be pregnant. My mother had a full period with me at 5 months pregnant so I am living proof that a period couldn't stop it. I have been crazy moody but no tenderness in my breasts although they haven't gone down in swelling since my period ended, I don't eat right (loss of appetite), but I am not nausous. I have been pretty tired lately but it comes and goes in very short bursts. I am a busy woman so thats to be expected getting up early for classes and working until 5pm. Today I was alright but by the end of the day I feel run down, I am ovulating (I think) because theres been a lot of secretion since Monday, and I am still not feeling like eating. I had some cookies today and I felt like I ate a full meal. I have a hard time deciding what to eat too and I usually just deicide to not eat. Could I be in the very early stages?? Is it still too soon to tell?? I am so lost. Any sound advice is good advice- just please don't be too harsh. I am new at this and I would love to be a mother just not sure if I am ready for this to happen. At least not this way. This baby would be born in the midst of a hard financial time for me- I would rather be more stable for a child.

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    I don't think your pregnant from the unprotected sex on the 11th since your period then started on the 14th. You could go ahead and test to be sure but I think it will be negative. Also, I don't know that you would ovulate for an entire week usually ovulation its self ranges from 12-48 hrs. You can however have symptoms of fertility for a week or more.Some woman only notice symptoms for a couple days. The other symptoms your having could be from hormone shift and even the stress of wondering. If your not ready and don't want to use the pill research and option that would work for you and your partner. Good luck.

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