Our TPR hearing is next week. I'm getting nervous. This will not be an easy day. I know it'll all hurt mom so bad to hear everyone saying bad things about her. There are a lot of witnesses. I may have to testify but I'm hoping they wind up not needing me to.

Nothing has really changed since the last court date. There was talk of possible visits but no word on that so unless we have a goodbye visit that shouldn't be an issue. Baby girl's mom sent some things around Christmas. The SW said she was required to drop them off but indicated we didn't have to give them to her...almost like we were already the official adoptive parents. Of course we gave the presents to her and will keep them. She may never get anything else from her mom so I think it's important to cherish what she has given her.

So now we just hope that TPR happens and that we don't have a continuance. I'm hugely pregnant so any extension could be very hard to deal with and I have to be present in court. Hopefully this is our last court date before we finalize. I can't imagine this actually being over and her being ours forever!