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Thread: Here we are! Six months old today.

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    Default Here we are! Six months old today.

    N turned 6 months old today. How are all the about 6 month babies doing?

    Over here, N is working really hard to sit up and is rolling both ways and turning around on his belly or back to reach things. We just started solids at dinner time a few days ago since he is showing a lot of interest. Thus far it seems that his tummy is a little upset by it so we might back off a bit. It is so hard to tell for sure though, since he still spits up a lot.
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    Happy 6 months to Nathaniel! Caden will be 6 mo in 5 days. He's not rolling yet (he goes up on his side though) but he is sitting up really well. He is also very interested in food. We gave him some rice with lentil beans tonight but he didn't really get anything in his mouth he got a LOT on the floor.

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    dd is almost six months old (next saturday). she is not into rolling, but is sitting unassisted. and also very much interested in food! we've really only given her puréed baby food, but she watches intently any time someone around her is eating & we have yet to find something she won't devour. she's definitely at that "all things must go in my mouth" stage.

    she's also very interested in her older brothers & loves watching them & talking to them.
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