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    i think im pregnant because: on dec 7-9 i had a very light period. I have sensitive, swollen breasts. I also noticed very dark blue veins on my chest. I'm experiencing severe lower back pain. I also have been feeling faint and nauseous in the morning. *I dont think i'm pregnant because i had negative hot (i would be about 5 weeks). i have PCOS. We use condoms. I've been stressed out. What do you think?

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    If you use condoms and have pcos... I would say not pregnant. I have pcos and it took me 5 years of tring hard and in the end medication to finally get pg. And I missed periods a lot. However I would say take a test just in case. The $1 ones work well.
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    I agree with Mariah...I don't think it's likely.

    Sometimes a delayed period can cause exaggerated pms symptoms, which are very similar, if not identical, to early pg symptoms.
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