I see you all are doing update threads now, which I think it probably a good idea for stalking purposes lol

I'm Robin. I've been around APA for nearly 7 years now. I struggled for over 5 years with lots of complications and heartache to get my miracle baby girl, Natalie. She is nearly 15 months old now, its so hard to believe sometimes, but at the same time it seems like forever. She has been through a lot in her short life. She has spina bifida and just had her 8th surgery a couple days ago. Her last major brain surgery was really rough for her. She spent a month vomiting daily and for a lot of this time she was really struggling with nursing as well. Because she was not nursing frequently or for good durations, I ended up ovulating and had my first PP period about a week after her first birthday. Since then, we have been NTNP. This was my third PP cycle and, delightfully, we got a Christmas miracle! I honestly was not sure if I would ever get to carry a baby again, so this is pretty exciting for me. For a while now I've been feeling like I really wanted a sibling for Natalie. Call me morbid, but I feel like she will need a sibling to be there for her when Aaron and I are no longer here if you kwim. Maybe she wont need that at all, but I felt it was important. I'm excited for her to be a big sissy I am still nursing her and will continue to do so. My goal has always been to make it to two years with her and then let her self wean, so if I do make it to my goal I will be tandem nursing! that is absolutely thrilling to me!

So far I have been feeling pretty good, which I am happy about since I have so much going on with Natalie. I don't have the luxury to be sick since I Have to do a lot to care for her on a daily basis. Mostly I am just tired and hungry and having to pee a lot, which is different for me. I never really had the peeing all the time issue with Natalie- even in late pregnancy- so that's different for me.

Here's the deets so far

BFP- Jan 6th
Beta #1, Jan 6th- 93
Beta #2, Jan 8th- 201