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    I want to use a riddle to announce my Pregnancy to my family on my moms b -day which is February 20th. I want it to be one that can't be solved in like 2 seconds, I want it to be one that takes them a while to figure out. any suggestions

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    1. What does a chef have while baking a dinner role? [a bun in the oven]

    2. Who gets a shower but doesn't get wet? [a baby]

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    What bounces but should never be dropped?

    I have twice the personality,
    But am thinking less rationally.
    Like a goose i'll walk,
    for strangers to gawk.
    But i really don't care
    Cause its love i bare.

    I can bring a smile to your face,
    A tear to your eye,
    Or even a thought to your mind.
    But, I can't be seen.
    What am I?

    These were a few I found online
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