I have not taken a pregnancy test as I am a little nervous. Aside from just having a feeling that I am pregnant here's my story. About 2 weeks ago I wasn't expecting a period so I was surprised when I had some strange spotting that was light red and a little brown. Not enough for a tampon and only lasted about 1 day. A week after that I started with what I felt was early signs of pregnancy. I had mild cramping in my lower tummy, nauseous often. Headaches. Mood swings and a couple more. The next week all signs had stopped. I was to start my period the following week on dec. 25. (I am two days late now) on the 23/24/25 I had pms symptoms all of them and felt like I could start my period at any second. So much so that every time I went to the bathroom I expected to see blood! As of the 26/27 I have no pms signs anymore and still no blood. I do have to say that aside from still just "feeling" pregnant I have no other signs really. Nipples a little sore, and some mood swings and the occasional light cramping and nauseousness. My appetite is out of control and I know I've gained a little weight. I am someone who eats fairly healthy and worked out daily... I eat like crazy and haven't been to the gym in a couple weeks now. I know a hpt would answer me but I'd just like to feel a little more confident that I might be before I go that far and put myself through that.