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    Smile The little things

    I just wanted to share about an answered prayer on Christmas Eve. It was just a little thing, but just one of those wonderful ways that God lets us know that He is present and hears our prayers. We just moved from FL to TN and this was our kids' first "cold" Christmas. It was pretty cold yesterday, but the front has already passed and there was no snow in the forecast (0% chance of any precipitation). As I was walking to the mailbox, I said a little prayer for white Christmas for my kids. In a short while, it started snowing ... it snowed enough that the kids got to make a few snow balls and even a couple of rides on a sled down a hillside. According to the weather maps and forecasts, there was still not to be any snow, just clear sky. By the afternoon, it was all gone (except our back porch stayed white because it is in the shade). It was the best Christmas present ...

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    Awesome! What a great gift! Merry Christmas!!!

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    How wonderful!!! Merry Christmas!
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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    So awesome! Merry Christmas
    KEVIN (6) & MATTHEW (4)

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    That's so sweet!

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