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Thread: Do you let the kids decide for themselves?

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    As far as religious views go? The kids were gifted books and 1 book shelve per child from a program associated with Habitat for Humanity. Its such a sweet idea and I knew getting into the program that they are a Christian company which didn't bother me still does not, they won't be seeing the last of us when it comes to volunteering. Anyways Cody and Sophia received a Children's Bible among many other books. I read to both kids but, Cody has been drawn to The Children's Bible so we read stories nightly. I am thinking I do not want to personally influence him though I am on the fence of who I am in terms of religious views. We were reading about the part about how the water turned into blood, then all of plagues started, things like that. Cody says though he is only 5 " Yeah right that did NOT happen". I asked "Do you still want me to read about it"? I didn't want read it if it made him uncomfortable. He says " Yes, I still want to know more about the Bible". I feel like him and Sophia should decide for themselves. I think its really smart and observant of him to express his opinions. I enjoy his opinions too. If your child has curiosity about religion and you aren't sure if you believe in God or if you are an Atheist would you be okay with reading to he/ or she a Children's Bible even if you personally don't believe it? Oh and I don't just mean Christianity only either we just happen to live a very Christian area of the US.
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