Wow, finally I'm feeling better so I'm up to start my own thread.
My husband and I just moved to Hawaii 5 months ago. Before we were living in a skiresort in Switzerland so it was quite a change. But we both don't regret the decision. As we came with a limited Visa to the US I'm not allowed to get a paid job. My husband and I were both studiing in Switzerland and did additional educations untill recently this year so children were never an issue till now. When we came here we made that "now or never" decision to try to get pregnant but I actually thought it would take much longer and may even be much harder to get pregnant. It took us all of two months and I was so not ready
I didn't even have seen a doctor here and had now to find a midwife, figure out all the differencies between the swiss and the US pregnancy screenings and I was also applying for an internship.... let's just say I almost freeked out and just wanted to go home. I was so glad when I found this page on the web and got all that unbelievable support from the april to june room.
Just when I felt better about beeing pregnant m/s hit me with full force and I felt bad for the last five or six weeks. I had to throw up multiple times a day, lost several pounds and all this in a really warm climate where staying hydrated is not all that easy. Of course my midwife was not pleased as well so I had an early u/s at eight weeks and appointments every two weeks to make shure the baby and I behaved well (of course mostly me )
Since around week 11 I feel better except of the normal pregnancy discomforts as sore breasts, feeling tired all the time, have catched a little cold and beeing unable to make decisions. Fortunately my husband is the best man on earth and tries to help me in every possible way. He left me alone when I was not in the mood to do more than lying down or sitting in front of the toilett for hours but was allways there for me when I needed support or was concerned about what ever hit me that time.
My last first trimester appointment was yesterday and I was abble to hear the babys heartbeat again. As I already started to talk to him/her and touching my belly all the time I feel ready now but it was really nice to have the reasurance that at least one of us does well
Our families in Switzerland will get a family christmas present with a stuffed animal and a soother (hope that's the right word) and we will see them unwrap the presents while beeing on skype. As my jungest brother and sister told us last summer they are both looking forward to beeing godparents so we think they will be thrilled. Hope the future grandparents will be happy to even though we're living far far away.