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    This may be my second (technically 3rd, though my last one didn't last long) pregnancy, but this is the first time I've really experienced pregnancy symptoms at this point. I had a few mild ones before- a bit of fatigue and heartburn, for example- but nothing really worth noting. This pregnancy, however, has been SO different from the very beginning, it's crazy. The truth is, it's been a "rough" (relatively. It's been hard for me, but I'm a wimp!) one, but I'm really enjoying it. Even though I'm often miserable and exhausted, that can be explained by all the extra stuff going on (being in Japan for so long, buying a new house, moving, raising the preschooler and helping her adjust to the new house...). And the pregnancy symptoms themselves, even when hard to handle, fascinate me and just make me even more thankful that, against all odds, I somehow managed to get pregnant and still am...

    So, due to all this sentimental mushiness I'm feeling, I want to hear about everyone's symptoms- good and bad! Let's all celebrate and commiserate how these babies are making us feel.

    As for me, I'm dealing with heartburn. It comes and goes, and is never really bad, but it is really annoying. And my boobs often feel like they will explode. I'm getting random headaches, backaches, and my hips hurt. I think I'm starting to get BH, and those are odd. Baby boy is getting strong, and his movements often feel very odd, and sometimes even hurt! Still, I love it and am pretty much obsessed with feeling / watching him move. I feel like I'm constantly hungry, but am getting to the point where I can't eat too much at once. And the exhaustion!! Oh man, I am so tired. And of course, can't sleep, both due to the 4 year old and the pregnancy, and my own natural insomnia.

    That probably sounds like a lot of complaining, but really, if I had nothing I had to do, it wouldn't be bad. If I could just get a full, uninterrupted night's sleep, I'd be pretty well off!

    How's everyone else feeling?

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    You sound absolutely resonable to me. Even your complains are totally fine. You're not overexaggerating just telling that there are uncomfortable symptoms and that you have some of them. So don't think you're complaining too much.

    I'm feeling fat, clumsy, wimpy and exhausted one day and totally fine the other. And best thing about it..... normaly the worse I sleep the better I feel right the next day of course the crash down follows one day later
    I don't have many physical symptoms so far, except of a huge belly, but emotionaly I feel more miserable now than in the first trimester. It really is a up and down right now.
    But I'm sooooo excited to see my little girl in just a few weeks. As I have gd I'm pretty sure they won't let me go much over my due date or even induce on my due date if I didn't go into labor untill then. So I assume it's just 16 more days. And as you said even though some of the movements hurt I still enjoy most of them (except on my wimpy days). I still have some small things to prepare before the baby arrives but I'm almost set and proud about that (even if I know that I'm in a privileged position as I'm not allowed to work and therefore stopped volunteering four weeks ago). And I like that I've only put on 19 pounds so far. As I have to watch my diet I know it's because of the gd and I did give up a lot of bad eating habits for that baby but thinking of not having to lose too much weight after pregnancy is definitively worth all of it.
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    My feet hurt, constantly. And as soon as I'm upright they start swelling which makes them hurt more. The swelling goes away when I lay down, but I can't lay down all day.

    I had to take off my rings because of hand swelling (that never seems to go away) and it makes me sad. I put them on a chain but it's not the same--it feels weird and I can't see them.
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    Here are mine:
    Fatigue, sudden sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, headaches and migraines, food preferences changing every week, pain in joints, leg cramps, back ache, swelling, heartburn and awful reflux, irritability, mood swings, problems with memory. .. have I named them all? Lol all of this manifested and revisited in different pregnancies at different stages.
    Dh tells calls forgetfulness "gestational amnesia" lol
    I enjoyed being pregnant in 2nd with girld and 3rd trimester with dd2 but I haven't really enjoyed this pregnancy.

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    I love the "gestational amnesia!" It is the PERFECT term for that.
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