Well my DH and I met at his 16th birthday and he started texting me a month later right before my 16th birthday lol he lived in north Texas and I lived in northern Oklahoma so all we could do is text and call each other.. After talking for 6 months and becoming best friends we started dating long distance and of course became closer.. Even tho we were young we both didn't want to date anyone unless we were serious about them.. He was my first true boyfriend and helped me thru sooo so much.. After a year and a half of dating he asked me to marry him and we became "officially" engaged lol we had been talking about getting married before then and were practically engaged but just hasn't told anyone or made it "official" till the day before my 18 birthday we got married about 5 or 6 months later in January of this year and started trying to get pregnant in march because we both really wanted kids.. Well I got pregnant in April but it was a chemical pregnancy then I got pregnant again the very next cycle but that one became a chemical too :-/ after that we didn't get pregnant again till August and by that time I had started charting and using opks well I wasn't expecting us to get pregnant that cycle but we did and it has lasted so far!! And we are both really excited and relieved that it's lasted till 18 almost 19 weeks so far the baby is due May 14th and we should find out what the baby is January 3rd just 2 days before our 1st anniversary! It will be the first grand baby and great grand baby on all of my side lol.. So everyone is excited lol oh and we live in Texas if you want to know more just ask I'm excited to be here and thankful to have this website I'm so anxious for January and then May to get here so we can meet our little miracle